FAQs for New Ambassadors or People Thinking About Becoming an Ambassadors

  • What is my job as an ambassador?

    As a Vitae ambassador, your only requirement is to send in 3 pictures a month. We encourage you to share your experience with our brand to your friends, family, and followers for the best way to earn yourself commission. However, some ambassadors choose not to, and that is completely okay!
  • Can anyone become an ambassador? What are the eligibility requirements?

    The only eligibility requirements are as follows: Identify as Woman At least 18 years of age  Values align with ours (female empowerment, self love, body positivity, etc.) Please note: You don’t have to show ID but you must meet the minimum age requirement. Also, an initial order must be made be...
  • What is considered a fitness set?

    A fitness set refers to the combination of one fitness apparel top and one bottom. For example, one pair of leggings and one sports bra is considered one fitness set, or one pair of biker shorts and one crop top is another fitness set.
  • Do I have to order every time?

    No, you do not have to order every time. There is only one minimum order that has to be made to become an ambassador. We require this minimum purchase so our ambassadors are able to try our products at least once. After this, you are not required to purchase to stay an ambassador.
  • Is it possible to order only 1 set for me to try and see how it's like before ordering more?

    Absolutely! However, we do recommend that you purchase more than 1 set and try different styles to see what you like best. If you are unsatisfied with your product, or purchased the wrong size, we offer free returns and exchanges on all orders (some conditions apply).
  • Do I need to sign a contract? May I stop anytime? What do I have to do if I’m no longer interested? Will I be penalized?

    No, you do not need to sign a contract! There is no requirement to stay for any amount of time. You can opt out of being an ambassador at any time without penalty. However, you will lose the perks of being an ambassador. If you’re no longer interested and would like to be removed from the program...
  • What is the lifetime discount code?

    The lifetime discount code is a 25% discount code that ambassadors can use to purchase orders for themselves. The code will be available to use at any time. The code should be provided to you via email once you have become an ambassador. If you forget the code, please check the email you received...
  • Do I need to post on my feed? What are the posting requirements?

    There is no requirement to post on your feed when you are an ambassador. We do encourage ambassadors to post and share their feed not only to promote their referral code, but also to see and connect with other Vitae ambassadors. However, you are always in total control of what you post and share ...
  • Would my photos be posted on your account?

    We are constantly posting pictures of our Ambassadors! We love to feature our ambassadors on our social media accounts, and try our best to feature every ambassador who shares their picture with us. However, we can not guarantee every photo of our ambassadors will be posted on our account. We rec...
  • Do I need to travel and go to events to be an ambassador? Can I just post pictures and share my code every now and then?

    One of the perks of being an ambassador is exclusive access to event, travel and photoshoot opportunities. However, there is no obligation whatsoever to partake in these. The only requirement is to send in 3 pics a month of you in Vitae!
  • Am I allowed to be an ambassador to other brands?

    Yes, you are! As a Vitae Ambassador, we do not expect you to remain exclusive to Vitae Apparel.
  • How long does it take to be accepted into @vitaeambassadors Instagram?

    It takes 2-5 business days, if you still haven't been accepted please let us know by emailing ambassadors@vitaeapparel.com and we’d be glad to help!