Why are there differences between my size tags but I ordered the same size?

Why some of my apparel's size tags are one size and some are another size
We create our sizing guidelines based on our own extensive testing involving real models from XS-XXXL and their feedback. Sizes can fluctuate slightly as all bodies are completely unique. As an example, for some styles a size 2 may be a small but for others it may be a 4. This is why your size tag number may vary slightly from style to style. 
Why some of my apparel's size tags are a letter and some are a number

We receive our apparel from more than one manufacturer and they have their own sizing guidelines. This means that they currently create their own size tags, in whichever style they would like to. We are currently working on having a uniform size tag with all our manufacturers. When we receive the apparel we complete our own extensive testing involving real models from XS-XXXL and their feedback.  Therefore, some styles may be tagged with numeric sizing tag but shown as XS-XXXL on our website.

If you feel that you have received the wrong size please email customer@vitaeapparel.com for assistance

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